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** Sorry - GlassHorse is no longer accepting new clients **

  • GlassHorse Productions doesn't use HTML generators. All pages are hand coded to insure cross-browser compatibility (Netscape4+, Netscape6, IE4+, IE5+, IE6+, Opera, etc.).

  • The Server-Side technologies GlassHorse uses to create dynamic web pages are ColdFusion and CGI/Perl.   Note: If you are not hosting with us, your current web hosting company must support these technologies.

  • GlassHorse uses Client-Side JavaScript scripting (mouse rollover effects etc.), only when it maintains it's cross-browser compatibility.

  • GlassHorse Productions can develop graphics and visual effects. We can also enhance and Web-Optimize digital photographs for your site.

  • Because GlassHorse develops our dynamic pages in ColdFusion, we are able to web enable your existing Microsoft Access or Dbase3/4 database so your information can be viewed by anyone you choose, from anywhere (with a web connection).  It can also be and edited from anywhere via secure password encryption.

  • Don't have a database, but would like one?  Web-enabled database development is another service GlassHorse can provide you.