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After Care Instructions for Your Mehndi Henna Body Art

Leave the henna on as long as possible, preferably over night. You will get good results if the henna is left on for at least 4 hours.

When the paste is almost dry, dab on the lemon water and sugar solution. The sugar helps the paste stay in place and the lemon enhances the stain.

Eventually the henna will flake off. You may opt to scrape the paste off. DO NOT WASH IT OFF WITH WATER! If possible, avoid water on the design for at least 12 hours. Exposure to chlorinated water (swimming pools) will cause the design to fade, if not disappear completely. When washing, do not scrub the area of the design. If possible, apply eucalyptus oil to the design daily. Apply some type of oil (olive, vegetable, etc) to the design before showering or washing.

At first, the design will be an "organish" stain. Henna will darker to a dark orange or brown skin in 48 hours on MOST skin types. Each person will get a slightly different color.

Henna dyes the upper layer of skin. Your body rejuvenates skin every 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the area of the body. Mehndi henna designs, if left on over night and cared for with oils, can be expected to last about 3 weeks. Other areas of the body won't last as long.

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